Monday, April 08, 2013

Reading Challenge Skivenger Hunt

Time to drop everything and read! DEAR!


Today we started the 2013 Reading Challenge, a "Skivinger Hunt"!  The challenge starts today, April 8 and runs until May 31.  Students are asked to do a number of different activities in order to earn points. Of course the main objective of the reading challenge is to get students motivated about reading but there are prizes for participation too!  The top three student winners will get a chance to go to breakfast with Mrs. Prescott and the top winning class will earn a special treat party later in the year.

We had several Reading Challenge Kickoff Events today.  We made duct tape bookmarks, stopped everything to read (DEAR) a couple times during the day, and went outside to the outdoor classroom this afternoon to read for awhile.

All students have a packet of activities, their point values, and ways to document that they have completed different activities.  Here are some details about ways students can earn points.As you can see, there are lots of opportunities to get involved with books and the printed page!

  • Students can earn points for such activities as visiting a public library, reading an article from the Rutland Herald or the New York Times, visiting an author's website, recommending a book to a friend, asking adults about a favorite book, choosing to read instead of watching TV, reading to others, etc.
  • Students also earn points for reading different genres such as fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, science fiction, mystery, poetry, graphic novels, nonfiction, etc.
  • Students can earn points for listening to an audio book  creating a soundtrack for a book, or making a book trailer video.
  • Students can earn points for hosting or attending a book club, writing to an author, or creating a Google presentation about a favorite book.
Staff members are also competing in their own version of the Skivinger Hunt.  In fact, I am earning 10 points for promoting the student reading challenge on my blog right now!  Staff points will be added to the student points and count toward our classroom total.

There is a parent version of the Skivinger Hunt too!  So, be on the lookout for your fifth grader to bring home a handout with a list of activities you can participate in!  Your points will also be added to the student points and count toward out classroom total!

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