Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Homework Assignments

I have updated this blog with a new page, "Homework Assignments".  My hope is to keep this section updated regularly with homework assignments and due dates so that parents and students can check in on a regular basis if necessary.  

I think it would be useful mainly if students are absent.  Then they can check and at least get some of their homework done before they return to school if they are feeling well enough.  Sometimes, too, students forget to write down  every assignment or forget due dates.  I hope that this will provide an efficient way for you to stay up to date.

This will mean that I will need to update the blog every afternoon after school, and I hope that I will be able to keep up with this new endeavor.  Please bear with me as I establish this new habit.


In general there is homework every night except for Fridays.  However, weekend is assigned over the weekend more frequently during the last trimester.

Homework is collected each morning and math homework is reviewed daily at the beginning of each math class. Students who have difficulties understanding their homework are expected to ask the teacher for assistance.   We are always available at lunch/recess for extra help as needed.   
Language Arts - Read and record pages read in journalsMath - every night except FridaySpelling - every night except FridaySocial Studies - occasionallyScience - occasionally

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