Monday, October 10, 2011

A New Student Created Rubric and Upcoming Assessment

Last week students developed their own rubric for scoring a vocabulary "foldable". This week students have developed another rubric, this one is for scoring a new assignment, "Make a Map of the World."

You can access the rubric by clicking on this link, Make a Map of the World. You may print out the pdf file from the Scribd site if you lose the rubric we handed out in class. Remember that for this assignment you chose to add an optional extra credit activity! Good for you!! I'm eager to see what you chose to do for extra credit. Our classroom will look very productive when we put your work on display.

Don't forget to keep studying for the assessment by using the online tools we've discussed in class and which are accessible from this blog. For students without internet access, remember that you can take home your book and journal and practice with an adult. You can also use your vocabulary foldable as a study aid.

You are all working really hard and are engaged in your own learning! Keep up the great effort!!!

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