Sunday, March 06, 2011

Cape Cod Meeting

Cape Cod and Cape Cod Bay from space. "Pr...Image via WikipediaHere we go again! As I write, we are in the middle of a rain, freezing rain, ice storm! I earnestly hope that we do not have another snow day! Let's hope that we are able to carry on with our Cape Cod informational meeting on Tuesday, March 8, 2011. We will discuss the itinerary, costs of the trip, and the possibility of fund raising to help defray student costs of the trip.

If you are not able to attend the meeting, we will send home paperwork and information with students the following day. We will need to know soon whether or not you plan to be a chaperon for the trip. We do have chaperon guidelines and they will be handed out at the informational meeting.

One thing that is new is the need for fingerprinting and a background check for parent chaperons. We will have more information about this when we see you on Tuesday.

Interesting observation: Apparently the word "chaperon" can be spelled with, or without, the final "e". Evidently the preferred spelling is without the "e". It also is a medical term (spelled with the "e"). As I have been typing this post, the spell check keeps underlining the word spelled with the final "e" and so I finally gave in and went to the "preferred" spelling of the word.

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