Monday, August 09, 2010

What to Bring on the First Day

I have already told you about our pets, and here is a photo of one of our dogs, Tavin Mackenzie. He is three years old and likes to act like a guard dog. One of his favorite activities is to lie on the back of the sofa and look out this window. He watches for wildlife and always lets us know if a deer or rabbit is in the yard.

At the end of fourth grade you received a list of supplies to bring back to school for fifth grade. I also included the list in the newsletter which you received last week. Just in case you may have misplaced the list, here it is one more time!

You will NOT need an assignment book as I have ordered them for all of you and will give them to you on the first day of school. You will need:
  • 8 plain pocked folders with horizontal pockets and that are also 3 hole punched
  • a very fat trapper of 3-ring binder that is big enough to hold your folders and paper
  • a supply pouch for pencils, erasers, scissors, etc. with holes so that it fastens into your binder
  • a 12 inch ruler which is also marked in centimeters- the flexible kind is best as they are less likely to break
  • a pair of scissors
  • a fat glue stick
  • pencils with erasers
  • a supply of lined paper that is hole punched so it will fit into your trapper or binder (not the kind that comes in spiral notebooks)
  • a set of colored pencils
  • a set of colored Sharpies or other markers
  • a hand held pencil sharpener
  • a calculator (this does not need to be expensive or fancy - I have seen them for $1.00 at the Dollar Store)
Remember, if you lose or use up something, you will need to replace it as we will be using these materials all year long!

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