Monday, September 15, 2014

Open House Handouts and More!

We are off to a wonderful start to our new fifth grade school year and are eager to meet you at Open House on Tuesday evening, September 16.

I have added another page which includes a copy of the packet I will be handing out.  You will find information about grading practices and an overview of the fifth grade curriculum.  You will also find tips for helping your fifth grader with work habits, homework, and more.  I have also included information about out Peanut/Tree Nut Safe Classroom in the packet. Later this week I will post copies of the fifth grade report cards for Math, English/Language Arts, and Social Studies.  Simply look at the tabs at the top of this page to find these helpful documents.

I also wanted to share a free and simple app, Online Voice Recorder that I recently discovered and plan to use in the classroom this year.  I thought that you might also find it useful.  All you need to do is push the record button and follow the screen prompts to "Allow" the application access to your computer's microphone.  You talk as long as you wish and then listen to the recorded playback.  You can trim and edit the length of the recording as desired and then save your finished version in mp3 format using the link.

Students might use the app to practice spelling words, practice reading fluency, practice giving a presentation, or listen to playbacks of themselves practicing their instruments.

There is one drawback, however.  The site includes advertising, but I have become accustomed to ignoring the clutter of online advertising.  Maybe you have too.